Forbo Erfurt, an „out of the ordinary“company story
The Company, founded in 1920, a manufacturer from various types of adhesives, has experienced all the highs and lows of German history since 1920.

The newly founded company proved profitable and invested in expansion, new buildings with new machines for mixing and filling also wax melting ovens. At the beginning, the company concentrated its efforts in the very lucrative shoe making business, the high point being met during the Second World War.

It became clear to the then company owner, that the „Thousand Year Reich“ would only be for a short period, with the invasion of Russian troupes, the owner left Erfurt to found a new company close to the German-French border in Pirmasens.

The company in Erfurt was placed under Russian administration in 1949 and transferred into Public Property. The VEB Shoe Chemicals was founded.
In this period of time virtually all items were sparse so the VEB produced everything what was possible to produce, along side shoe adhesives the VEB produced floor polish, a very favourable product. The company was later marketed under the name “Chemisol” and the production of shoe adhesives was again active. The quality of the adhesives was so good that a so called “licensed production agreement” with the West German shoe company “Salamanda” was made, chosen East German manufacturers under special instructions were to produce shoes for Salamanda, Salamanda selling the shoes both in East and West Germany.

To ensure the future of the plant, Erfurt VEB Shoe Chemicals continued to develop and expand its range of products, these developments being bonding adhesives for construction, due to an increased house building program the adhesives were very sort after, with all due respect to the company name the company became the leading construction adhesive manufacturer in the DDR.

The adhesive factory in Pirmasens was run as a family business into the 80`s until it was bought by a Swiss concern with the name Forbo.

After the German Reunification in 1990 Erfurt was also bought from the Swiss Forbo concern, Forbo Erfurt was founded and established as the centre of expertise for building chemicals.

Today Forbo Erfurt GmbH has 85 employees in development, production and sales, offering an extensive range of system solutions for the Flooring and Parquet Flooring industry.

Under the heading „Everything from One Hand” offers to Professional Floor and Parquet Installers a complete system of high quality technical building products from Primers, Self levelling compounds, Adhesives, Parquet and Cork varnishes as well as cleaning and care agents, with a customer orientated production development, competent technical and commercial support combined with a customer friendly logistic, Forbo Erfurt GmbH is the reliable partner for the building industry.


Forbo Erfurt develops and produces a full range of environmental and User friendly installation systems for Parquet and Flooring Technology, Forbo Erfurt assortment meets the highest requirements for quality and reliability.
As a member of the Emissions Control Union for floor installation materials (GEV)
Forbo Erfurt offers a full range of emission free products.


The product descriptions contained in this brochure are only an extract out of our technical information sheets. For more detailed product descriptions, e.g. properties and applications, we recommend reading the full technical information sheets which are available upon request. For information regarding choices of products and which method of application is to be used please inform of the location, climate condition and which type of wood is to be used, please pay attention to the parquet manufacturers instructions. Forbo take no resposibility in the case of materials being used from another manufacturer as Forbo. All information in this brochure is intended for Forbo products only. For use with new or special types of wood please contact our Technical information department.

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